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Jennifer Crouch's Schedule

May 24 • Tuesday

 10:15am –  11:15am L Naughty, Naughty Blogger: Legal Implications for Blogging
Jacob Javits Center 1A16

Speakers: Janet Cullum, Erika Napoletano
  2:30pm –  3:30pm S Facebook Analytics – How to Know if You Reach Your Goals
Jacob Javits Center 1A08

Speakers: Christopher Penn

May 25 • Wednesday

  9:00am –  10:00am Z How to Make Real Money From Your Blog
Jacob Javits Center 1A14

Speakers: Janice Croze, Jennifer James, Wendy Piersall, Heather Solos
 10:15am –  11:15am Y Building a Successful Online Community
Jacob Javits Center 1A18

Speakers: Lara Kulpa
  2:30pm –  3:30pm C Why More People Aren't Reading Your Blog: How To Create Bite Sized Content That Gets Devoured And Shared"
Jacob Javits Center 1A10

Speakers: Amy Porterfield

May 26 • Thursday

 10:15am –  11:15am Z How to Passionately Pitch--Without P.O'ing Your People
Jacob Javits Center 1A14

Speakers: Erica Douglass
 11:30am –  12:30pm S The Brand Guide to Facebook's New iframe Tabs
Jacob Javits Center 1A06

Speakers: Justin Kistner