to 12:30PM

The Ultimate WordPress Experience

event::type Platforms and Apps
: Jacob Javits Center 1A16
: Mitch Canter

With WordPress dominating the blogging scene (over 10% of the world's websites are now run on WordPress!) it's easy to get lost in the aspects of running and setting up a killer blog. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of plugins, hacks, themes, tips, tricks, and other ideas that can get you bogged down and not doing the most important thing: creating content. Mitch Canter has been helping people learn WordPress for over 5 years, and has a selection of plugins, tips, and tutorials to help even the most blogophobic newcomer jump in and get the most out of their WordPress site. So bring your laptops, iPads, or write on your arms because you'll want to take notes. Bring questions, and Mitch will have answers.