to 11:15AM

Breaking the Bell Curve: Standing out in a Sea of Same

event::type New Media
: Jacob Javits Center 1A10
: Tamsen McMahon

So much these days relies on being seen…and standing out. The key to forging a strong identity for you (or your business) lies in knowing what sets you apart from everyone else: what you do/have/offer that no one else does…at least not quite the way you do. But how do you do that? You know you’re special (or your organization is). But so is everyone else. How do you find your niche -- that which makes you, and whatever it is you do, different... and the all-important awesome? This interactive, lively, workshop-style session - - full of case studies and real-world examples -- will guide you through the process of answering these questions for you and your community, and put you on the path towards more authentic branding.