to 4:45PM

Making Sense of Social Business

event::type Social Media Business Summit
: Jacob Javits Center 1A08
: Virginia Miracle, Peter Kim, Ben Edwards, Chris Heuer

Social media is all the rage with consumers and has been put into use by the world's leading consumer brands. Now organizations of all types and sizes are exploring the use of social media both for internal purposes and as a communications conduit to the outside world. It's time to get serious about social media adoption in business and ask the tough questions. What are we trying to achieve? How do we make sense of the choices?  Where do we get started?  This session will give attendees a framework to address these key challenges to unlock opportunities in the current market environment.
What attendees will learn:
- How to formulate social business strategy
- Why many current approaches to emerging technologies are limited
- What actions can be taken to incorporate social tools into business