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Naughty, Naughty Blogger: Legal Implications for Blogging

event::type Legal
: Jacob Javits Center 1A16
: Erika Napoletano, Janet Cullum

Many are under the impression that the presence of a keyboard and computer monitor offer bloggers and other purveyors of online content a Cloak of Invisibility for their online actions. Not so, my friends. It's imperative that bloggers understand what they are liable for (and the rules for libel), along with about 73 other legal implications that come along with being a blogger. Erika Napoletano, Head Redhead at RedheadWriting, through an entertaining yet educational stroll through online foibles and learn how to:

*Protect Yourself: There is always a way to say what you must...you just have to know how to do it.


*Keep it Clean: From attribution to copyright infringement, just because it's online doesn't mean you can use it.

*Not Turn Out Like These People: 10 people who wish they'd taken this session.