to 10:00AM

The Now Revolution

event::type Social Media Business SummitIntermediate
: Jacob Javits Center 1A06
: Jay Baer

Speed kills. It also wins. Today, every customer is a reporter and every employee is potentially in marketing. The real-time Web has increased the pace of business to the point where we no longer have time for contemplation. Instead, you have to react to digital praise and punishment as it happens. 

To succeed in this real-time environment, you need to change your company - from the inside out - to meet the challenges of The NOW Revolution. 

In this dynamic session from social strategists and authors Jay Baer and Amber Naslund, you'll learn the key changes companies are making to succeed and thrive in a world where five minutes feels like an eternity. 


If you're an owner, manager, marketer, customer service guru, social media practitioner, or HR professional you'll tire out your hand taking notes during this presentation where you'll learn:


- The critical role of corporate culture in real-time business, and how to know if you've got it right

- Why decentralization is the future of social media

- How to make social media a skill, not a job

- Ways to use social media to boost your internal communication effectiveness

- The 3 levels of social media listening, and which is right for you

- The Humanization Highway and how to create the best social media response strategy

- How to combine listening and response to capitalize on the Opportunity Economy and create customers and raving fans

Chock full of examples and real-world stories, this session is ripped from the heart of the bestselling book The NOW Revolution. Jay Baer and Amber Naslund will show you the future of social business is a lot closer than you think.