to 12:30PM

#ToyotaFail: The Crisis that Wasn't

event::type Social Media Business Summit
: Jacob Javits Center 1A08
: Anne-Marie Nichols, Lucretia Pruitt, Shelly Kramer, Christopher Barger

The ambition of an inexperienced PR-wannabe and the reputation of a Big Brand crashed into each other magnificently on the front page of a popular mom blog in February of 2011. As the surrounding traffic slowed down to witness the carnage and Twitter about it - one figure emerged from the chaos surprisingly unscathed. Toyota's preventative maintenance and fast reflexes kept their brand image intact through the actions of their Social Media team. We'll examine the life-cycle of a brand-crisis from the blogger, PR and Brand perspectives by analyzing the #ToyotaFail incident and how Toyota's Social Media team averted a rapidly developing brand crisis by listening and responding on Twitter as it was happening. Panel: Shelly Kramer, V3 Integrated Marketing, Anne-Marie Nichols, The Write Spot, and Lucretia Pruitt, The Social Joint